Claims Process

Damage to your home can be a devastating setback. You may need to replace some or all of your possessions, including clothing and contents. Even small-scale plumbing damage or smoke damage can destroy many of your possessions. What if calamity strikes your home in the form of a hurricane or flood? Most of us feel emotionally connected to our home and possessions, which makes it harder to be objective about your loss.

TSO brings objectivity, claims expertise and years of experience to the claims process. Most homeowners have forgotten what their policy covers or what their rights and options consist of. Are you aware of your local laws and regulations governing the insurance industry in your state? Expertise is required when estimating damage and even finding all of it.

TSO Insurance Adjusters will help you:

  • Estimate the ┬ádamage and property loss
  • Discover any hidden damage stemming from the claim
  • Place a reasonable dollar amount on those personal possessions affected
  • Negotiate a just settlement with your insurance company

Public Adjuster Representation  Results in Larger Payments to Policy Holders

Most policyholders receive payments substantially higher when they employed a public adjuster to manage their property claim. TSO levels the playing field so that you are not at the mercy of your insurance company.